Advantages of traveling with IMSERSO

Viajar con el IMSERSO tiene una serie de ventajas muy interesantes

When we talk about IMSERSO trips, it is always good to have all the possible details so as not to make mistakes when it comes to enjoying them. This travel assistance program offers a series of very interesting advantages, although it requires certain characteristics to be able to access these advantages.

On this occasion we are going to talk about what are the advantages of traveling with IMSERSO and how you can access them. After reading this article you will not have any doubts in either of these two fields, so if you have some interest, take note and do not miss a thing.

To make it orderly we are going to go by parts, so the first thing we will see will be the advantages that the IMSERSO when traveling. Then we will talk about what are the requirements that are needed so that we can request these advantages. Without further delay, let’s get to it.

Advantages offered by IMSERSO for traveling

Within the program plans of the IMSERSO offered by the Ministry, there are a series of dates that we will be able to choose when we travel. These dates start in October and end in June. In this way, all the trips made during this period of time through this program will enjoy all the advantages it entails.

The duration of the trips will depend on one’s own choices, although the minimum number of days to travel is 5 days and the maximum is 15more than enough time to see a new city and enjoy its charms. A great advantage of this program is that full board is always included. Thanks to this, people who travel with the IMSERSO will not have to worry about looking for places to eat.

One of the great advantages of IMSERSO is that it includes round trips

In addition to the aforementioned, we must also take into account that the healthcare necessary and travel insurance. All trips, in addition to full board, include the transportation to and from. This means that comfort in this sense is also maximum.

As far as prices are concerned, we find the best of traveling with IMSERSO. The final price of all trips will be much lower that if we do it with this program, so that the people who hire this type of trip will be able to save good money when they enjoy the journey. Although it is true that there is a price reduction, the final amount changes depending on the accommodation and the days of stay. In any case, it is well worth it because the amount to pay is much lower.

Remember that These IMSERSO trips can be contracted through a series of travel agencies that have the authorization of the Ministry to offer this program. It is really easy to find a travel agency that takes care of this, so it is not a problem to access it.

Which are the requirements?

When traveling with IMSERSO certain requirements are necessary. These requirements are checked before joining this Ministry program, so if you want to access it, pay attention and check if you meet one of them. If you meet these requirements, You can request registration through the IMSERSO web portal with no more difficulty than just filling in some data.

Requirements to meet: (meeting one is enough):

  • Be a resident in Spain
  • Being over 65 years old
  • Being a pensioner of the Public Pension System
  • Be widowed pensioners of the Public Pension System, with an age equal to or greater than 55 years
  • Agree to be pensioners of Disability, other pensioners of the Public Pension System and early retirees, in all these cases with 60 years of age


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