Adrenaline and fun from above at Xmonkey

Adrenaline and fun from above at Xmonkey

In Acapulco there is an ideal place for those who are looking for challenges and fun. This is Xmonkey, the rope park in the heights overlooking the sea in which visitors will test their dexterity, strength and ability. It has three different circuits in which adventurous tourists will face around 26 games with different levels of difficulty.

“Xmonkey has the characteristic that it is outdoors, it has contact with nature, we are 25 meters near the sea, you see the sea very close and it is an attraction that can be done individually, in pairs or in a group,” he explained. to La Razón Simón Quiñones, entertainment director of Grupo Mundo Imperial.

He also pointed out that the attraction, which is part of the Xta Sea park, is made up of three levels of difficulty so that the whole family is part of the experience: “Xmonkey has three levels: a level that we call Baby Monkey, which is the easiest level ; the Youth Monkey, which is the intermediate level, and the Big Monkey that encompasses all the different stages and games that the rope park has,” said Quiñones.

BabyMonkey. This circuit consists of nine games with a low degree of difficulty so that boys and girls in search of adrenaline have fun and live the experience of overcoming fear. The tour is 20 minutes and a minimum height of 1.30 meters is recommended, as well as a weight of 35 kilograms to have greater control of the harnesses. Minors who do not meet this requirement must be accompanied. The cost is 500 pesos.

YouthMonkey. For this circuit nine more games are added, leaving a total of 18 challenges that attendees will have to overcome in 30 minutes. The level of the tour is raised, so for safety, children under 12 years old will not be able to do the tour alone. The price is 600 pesos.

Big Monkey. This circuit, which lasts around 45 minutes, will put the most courageous tourists to the test with the ladder bridge, the suspended plate and the 50-meter zip line. Eight are added to the 18 past challenges, giving a total of 26 games that require more skill and endurance, making this circuit the most complicated of the three. The price is 700 pesos.

Safety first. The cost of the ticket includes footwear and safety equipment. In addition, there are guides to assist visitors if they get stuck in one of the challenges. Helmet and gloves are provided, there is a lifeline that protects throughout the tour.

“There are people who go up with their seven or eight-year-old children and who help them with their lifelines and it is an experience between parents and children,” added Quiñones.

The park also has other attractions for the little ones at home. “We have X Kids, which is a two-meter-high mini-zip line with a length of eight meters where children can fly freely in our facilities. The truth is that children are very intrepid, they love adventure, ”she explained.

To be part of this adventure, you do not need an average physical condition, or special training: “You just need a lot of desire to have fun, have a great time, sweat, be in contact with nature and appreciate the best view you have. Acapulco, the bay of Puerto Marqués”, he concluded.

  • The fact: Xta Sea is located on the Riviera Diamante Acapulco, in Paseo de los Manglares S/N, Col. Granjas del Marqués, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.



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