Adal Ramones showed off photography next to Rob Schneider: “What a joy to finally meet”

Adal Ramones showed off photography next to Rob Schneider:

Adal Ramones shared on his official Instagram account that he is working with the famous Rob Schneider. Photo: IG @adalramones

Adal Ramones shared his happiness at meeting the famous American actor in person Rob Schneider Y He confessed that this was one of his biggest dreams.

Through your official account Instagram, the Mexican driver showed off a photograph a few hours ago where he is accompanied by the artist Schneider. Both, with a similar appearance, posed for the camera with a huge smile, therefore, Ramones could not contain his euphoria and wrote:

What a joy to finally meet after so many years of wanting to work together! I had a lot of fun in this first call of your movie #amoresamor. Together with Patty, you are your wife, the best. See you this September 10 in Phoenix, Arizona as special guests to #chavorucostour How delicious it is to laugh!”.

The driver of Another Rollo, shared through his official Instagram account a story in which he appears next to Rob Shchneider.

For this reason, the reactions of other celebrities were immediate, since Adal’s companions such as omar chaparro and his current partner Karla de la Morarecognized the fortunate collaboration of the driver in the new film Love is lovein the direction of the American.

“What the fuck * n friend.” “Come beautiful.” ”What an honor to be next to the icon!“. “They even look alike”, were some comments from their followers.

In addition, Adal Ramones did not miss the opportunity to record alongside Rob, since he was excited, documented in a history of Instagram the set where they are working. Given this, Shneider demonstrated his great sense of humor with a funny laugh in the Mexican video clip.

Lalo Spain showed off the photos on social networks next to Rob Schneider.  (Photo: @laloespanaoficial/Instagram)
Lalo Spain showed off the photos on social networks next to Rob Schneider. (Photo: @laloespanaoficial/Instagram)

Without further ado, the movie Love is love has generated a lot of expectation in the audience, since the interpreter of the film They are like children chose various Mexican celebrities for their participation in it, which, it is rumored, will be a great success in the country.

It should be noted, that Edward Spain is one of the personalities that will be part of this castsince through his social networks, he surprised his followers with the first images of the next film project.

In such a snapshot, the artists were seen in a parking lot very happy with the collaboration and something that caught the attention of the users of the platform was the American’s sense of humor

“Today working on the movie #amoresamor with my new director and scene partner. a young promise”, he wrote inside his publication.

At the moment, Rob Schneider is in Mexico to carry out the production of the film, even, A few days ago he was captured along with Eugenio Derbez and Vadhir at CDMX. The actors caused a sensation among the public, so speculation began about whether they would work together.

It is speculated that Vadhir Derbez and his father will participate in "Love is love".  (Photos: Instagram @vadhird / @iamrobschneider)
It is speculated that Vadhir Derbez and his father will participate in “Amor es Amor”. (Photos: Instagram @vadhird / @iamrobschneider)

This would be a possibility since, in an interview for windowingthe American hinted at the admiration he feels for the creator of XHDBZ and he confessed that after meeting Vadhir he assured that he would undoubtedly venture into international cinema.

“Eugenio is a genius, he is the most talented in the world, not only from Mexico, excellent, but Vadhir, his son, is incredible, he is funny, funny, also serious in his acting, excellent. Look, I promise you, he is a promise, Vadhir Derbez He is going to go for more, he will be a star all over the world, absolutely,” he said.

Also, Erika Buenfil presumed that she had a meeting with the famous man since she reported for the microphones of the sun rises what it was like to meet Schneider. “It was totally unexpected. They called my manager, Víctor, and told him that if we could go record a pilot, he would produce it,” Buenfil mentioned.


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