A whole experience to have fun and get active is the “Zone for Girls and Boys” launched by INDEPORTE


*With boxing training, soccer games, bike, skate and skateboard schools, girls and boys had a great time of joy in this area exclusively for them.

The “Children’s Zone” project was shown this Sunday with boxing training to start the little ones in this sport, as well as a bike, skate, and skateboard school zone; soccer area and other activities that captivated children of different ages who happily received this initiative from the Sports Institute of Mexico City.

Avenida División de Norte corner Río Churubusco was the scene where the children continued with the celebration of Children’s Day, and next week this Zone will move to the esplanade of the Monument to the Revolution to establish a children’s area in the recovery of spaces for this sector of the population.

It was a luxury for the girls and boys to receive training from the World Boxing Council’s junior world champion, David Picasso, who was attentive to show the children different techniques to start in boxing.

Some girls and boys found this Sunday their first approach to a bicycle, a soccer ball or boxing gloves, as well as the great coexistence that entire families had with their mothers and fathers.

This project is accompanied by the sports promoters of “Ponte Pila” who promote sports and physical activity in different areas of Mexico City. Progress is being made in returning the human dimension to the city and recovering the spaces for children to go out into the streets to play and thus carry out physical activity.

The general director of INDEPORTE, Javier Hidalgo Ponce, stated that this area is a space that INDEPORTE wants to “commit to as a project so that the city has more and more children’s areas; this Children’s and Girl’s Day that was yesterday, the gift we are giving them is physical activity and sports”.

He specified that at the moment girls and boys do not have enough spaces to do physical activity.

“This generation has nowhere to play and it is not only because of the pandemic issue, it is that the places to walk that were the streets were lost, and now they are a space for cars or have been privatized; girls and boys are blamed for spending it on the phone or on television, when in reality there are no spaces for them to play, ”she stressed.

He added that in schools there are only two hours a week of physical activity and a child requires between one and two hours to grow up healthy, he pointed out that a generation is being created that since childhood is subject to diseases due to lack of physical activity.

This “Children’s Zone” project will be every Sunday on the esplanade of the Monument to the Revolution from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


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