A trip to South India to break a “spell” and for Argentina to win the World Cup


Fernando Duclós is a journalist who has traveled to several exotic countries in the world, has published a book with the chronicles of his trip through the Middle East and the vast majority call him by his at sign on Twitter: Journalist.

Now, Journalist is touring India and in the midst of this enormous challenge he set out to meet, he took time to expand on a captivating topic that his followers on social networks had read a few months ago: 4 years ago, an Indian sent a “curse” to the Lionel Messi’s Argentine national team, through a series of orders placed in a temple in distant Payyannur, in southern India.

“4 years ago, an Indian sent us a curse. But I broke the spell”, Duclós wrote this Monday on his Twitter account (@Periodistan_).

“2 months ago, I posted this thread: it was about something that happened in the city of Payyannur, South India. In 2018, an Indian made an offering to the Hindu gods and prayed for Argentina’s failure in the World Cup in Russia. And the gods listened to him”, says Fernando.

After a profound journey through the Middle East in 2019, Duclós published the book“Journalist / An Argentine on the Silk Road”with the behind the scenes of a legendary trip, as disturbing as it was dreamed of, from the Balkans to the Arabian Peninsula, with which he captured thousands of readers through his Twitter account, stories with which he tries to “overcome the immediacy to which the world takes us,” he says.

Journalist With the book and its Twitter “threads”, he managed to disarm old prejudices that are held about little-known places on this side of the world, such as Kosovo, Turkey, Russia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iran and Uzbekistan, among others.

But let’s continue with the important…

The text of Journalist about the “curse” against Messi and the rest of the team (and against millions of Argentines who are passionate about soccer) culminated with a question: “What if the man who hates our country does it again? How could it be countered? Should he go there, a lost city in India with no major attractions, just to place my own order? The answers were unanimous”, recalls Duclós.

“Slowly, then, I headed for Payyannur, deviating from my original travel plans. But all for joy in Qatar 2022. Payyannur does not appear in the travel guides, there is nothing; no tourist attraction. But there is a temple that I should know…”

“From Kannur I took a local bus: 48 rupees (0.6 dollars). You had to get to the Vararuchimangalam Mahavishnu temple no matter what. I marked it on the map. I went out in the morning, it was about 40 degrees … ”, he says in the Twitter “thread” published this Monday.

“Upon reaching Payyannur, I sat down to eat something. A vegetable curry with two paratha (flatbread) and a musambi juice (sweet lime; it is called that because it was brought from Mozambique). Already with a full belly, I began to prepare my offering. The request for Qatar 2022…”

“This is what I wrote. I did not consider it necessary to fill out 50 different pieces of paper, as the anti-Argentina hater did. One was only fine; after all, it was a really heartfelt message, a collective request… I went there just for that! I know the gods will give it value.”

Duclós recounts his arrival at the temple in detail: “I began to walk towards the temple. About 20 blocks, on the outskirts of the city, under a terrible sun. But it had to be done. People looked at me very strangely: What is he doing here? Are you lost? Along the way, a sign of destiny? I ran into two Argentines… The first Argentine surprised me: Lionel Messi. It is true that in Kerala – the state he was in – they are football fans. But even so, seeing Rosario in the suburbs of a city in deep India… The second, Che: communism governs -and very well- the state”.

Journalist He arrived at the long-awaited temple and left a message at the foot of an altar: “I do not know the Hindu religious rituals (although the ones I saw are beautiful) and I did not want to pretend what is foreign to me. But when I left the letter, I wished and asked with great force and intensity.”

“Then, we had to go back to the bus terminal. I had already fulfilled my wish, but I had to keep walking. And when I returned to Payyannur, yes, I came across a monument in the middle of the city. And I thought: By Ganesh, this has to be a sign! Look at the statue.”

“I ended the day with a huge smile. After much planning, I wish I had countered the spell. It will be enough? I hope so. And that last heavenly message, the World Cup that came my way. How not to get excited? Qatar 2022, here we go!”, concludes the “thread” of Journalist.

The captivating story told is already all the rage on networks. Some even propose to make a “statue” of Duclós if Argentina manages to break the “spell” of 36 years without lifting the World Cup. Others may have an extra argument to question the “Lioneles” (Scaloni and Messi) if we fail in Qatar. “We played poorly and Journalist did not put the correct message”, some will say.

What no one can and will not deny is that Journalist did what had to be done. A goal without the ball.


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