A thousand children from Cundinamarca fulfilled their dream of knowing an amusement park

A thousand children from Cundinamarca fulfilled their dream of knowing an amusement park

Surely many people have dreamed since they were children of knowing places like the cinema, the theater, a stadium, the forest or an amusement park. Spaces that are part of that imaginary with which, from a very young age, great fantasies of how magnificent they can become are created.

Sometimes, the remote geography, the economy or the same ignorance about how to get to these sites; makes knowing these places not as easy as in dreams. However, there are always opportunities for everything, as on this occasion, due to the joint work of the public and private sectors.

Children's Day Corparques.
Corparques Children Day. – Photo: Archive – Corparques

Thanks to that union, last Friday -May 13- was not a day like any other for more than a thousand children from 33 municipalities of Cundinamarca, who came to Bogotá to visit an amusement park for the first time and fulfill at least one of those longings.

From very early the buses began to arrive from territories such as Une, Cogua or Arbeláez; full of boys, girls and young people who had never been in a place like this and that for a whole day they would have at their disposal a complete one and totally free.

On this occasion the stage was Mundo Aventura, where the efforts of the Corporation for the Development of Parks and Recreation in Bogotá (Corparques), the Government of Cundinamarca and the Presidency of the Republic joined forces; within the framework of the Great Alliance for Nutrition.

“It is a great emotion because one never imagined being able to get to know these places, generally amusement parks do not come to town and when they do they are not so big (…) when they told me I was coming here, I could not believe it ”, said one of the children from the educational institutions of Arbeláez – Cundinamarca – who attended this event.

According to Corparques, during the day, they shared new forms of relationship based on love, respect, listening, accompanying development, the dialogue, the arguments and the recognition of the more than a thousand children and adolescents from 33 municipalities of Cundinamarca as subjects of rights and active agents of their integral development.

“I’m very excited! This is a chimba, how crazy to be here and to be able to ride everything, I hope I have time to ride all the devices that are here”, said another of the young people, this time from Venice, who added that “the most beautiful thing about everything is so good care”.

Alexandra Ángel Ortega, deputy director of Sustainable Management of this corporation, stated that this type of alliance has been carried out for several years, as part of the policy of open the doors of its amusement parks for all the boys and girls in the country, regardless of their social status.

“As part of its commitment to Social, Business and Sustainability Responsibility, Corparques has established, based on the universal right to recreation of the human being that results in access to rest, the Sustainable Entertainment Program that seeks to benefit families, children and young people from Bogotá and the region through the seven subprograms with a social focus that comprise it”, explained this Corparques spokeswoman.

Children's Day Corparques.
Corparques Children Day. – Photo: Archive – Corparques

foundations interested in participate in these Sustainable Entertainment and Social Recreation programs, they just have to send their request to the email Lnarvaez@corparques.co.

During 2021, 62,328 people benefited from the Sustainable Entertainment Program and of these 42,873 received Ubin passports, free of charge, through the Social Recreation subprogram, with an investment of more than 2,100 million pesos. By 2022, Corparques expects to impact more than 120,000 people who benefit from the social subprograms in which the corporation works.


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