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Un verano de cancelaciones

they had to be a wonderful vacation to discover one of the jewels of the Mediterranean. and they were, sea ​​vega and her friend bea they left Tunisia enchanted. Until the nightmare began at the airport, on the last day of July: they arrived in Nice, where they had a layover, and easyJet canceled his flight. And the worst: zero customer service. “Make a claim online, find a flight (the next airline leaves in a week) and pay for the ticket, the hotel, the taxi, the meals … Then wait to be reimbursed.”

It was Friday. Result: they couldn’t get to Palm see you Monday. In a week of vacation his budget did not exceed one thousand euros. The weekend of desperation (they canceled another two flights that they bought to leave Nice at the same moment that they just made the online payment) and anxiety, they spent 1,800 euros to get to Mallorca. To know when they will reimburse them and if they recover everything spent. Sea points out that Ryanair never returned 600 euros of flights canceled at the beginning of the pandemictwo years ago.

easyJet auto-response: “We are sorry for your recent experience (…) Our team is working hard through the recent record volume of claims (…) Please do not get in touch until at least 28 days have passed as our teams will not be able to advise you any further».

“We expect a avalanche of complaints after the holidays», observe Alfonso Rodriguez. The president of Consubal criticizes that “the airline sector is very disrespectful of consumer rights”, which they confirm by “the many calls” they receive with questions about what to do in the face of delays and cancellations. It also questions that “complaints against airlines take a long time to resolve” and lead to “such small amounts” of compensation that it pays for companies to break the rules.

That non-compliance is suffering without going any further xisco johnwhat Despite having won a lawsuit against Iberia, he is still not compensated for a flight that this airline canceled four years ago.. “I made the claim and the resolution of Aesa (State Aviation Safety Agency) was in my favor.” Even with said report, which as the Mallorcan lamented “is not binding, it should be in order to act against these monsters”, Iberia replied that it did not agree. «I was outraged and went to court (I did not have to pay costs) to claim the 250 euros of compensation. Iberia did not appear at trial. He also went to the General Directorate of Consumption, “but they told me that they could not assist me because there was a judicial procedure.” This passenger complains «of the total helplessness of the citizen, he is very sad. I have won a trial against Iberia and I still do not get paid ».

Ferran Petitde Campanet, was going to travel with her partner to Barcelona on June 25 to attend a tom jones concert. “While I was at the airport, my flight was cancelled. Ryanair». After one month, after the relevant claim, they refunded the amount of the tickets. But he is still waiting for the compensation of 250 euros to be paid. “And also we claim the 208 euros of the two tickets to the concert. “We will never see Tom Jones anymore, if only because of his age,” he laments. He has signed up for OCU. «They tell me that it will be difficult for them to pay us the tickets. That day there was a strike, if Ryanair says it was due to force majeure…».

strike | It is not considered a cause of force majeure

Aesa remembers in this summer of strikes that passengers have the right to care, reimbursement of their ticket or alternative transport to their final destination and to be financially compensated. Passenger rights are collected by European Regulation 261/2004 on delays, cancellations and denied boarding. “The strike does not exempt airlines from compensating travelers. It is not considered a cause of force majeure,” Rodríguez stresses. “It is planned in advance and they can foresee it,” says the president of Consubal. You always have to claim and if there is a cause of force majeure, only the airlines are exempt from paying compensation.

Rights of compensation | Tickets to a concert or lost hotel nights

Both tickets to a concert or other show or event that cannot be attended due to the canceled flight, as well as hotel nights that cannot be enjoyed, must be fought for. “Compensation rights are linked to the time of cancellation. If they notify you with fifteen days of cancellation, they will only return the money for the ticket, “but if it occurs on the same day, the airline will also have to cover that expense,” explains the person in charge of Consubal. If the flight is canceled or the arrival at the destination is delayed for more than three hours, you have the right to be compensated with 250 euros for trips up to 1,500 kilometers; 400 euros without are more than 1,500 kilometers and up to 3,500 kilometers and 600 euros for the rest.

The choice | Reimbursement of the ticket or alternative transport

In case of cancellation, the passenger has the right to choose between the refund of the ticket or the company providing alternative transportation to the final destination. And if, in the event that the delay is greater than five hours, the passenger may give up the flight and request a refund for the ticket, which must be paid within seven days; in this case he will lose the right to be financially compensated. On the other hand, the alternative transportation as quickly as possible it will have to be offered with other companies or means of transport. The airline cannot ask the passenger to advance their cost, however, it is common for the passenger to do so. The lawyer aina diaz presents his recent case. “I went to Madrid for 24 hours and made sure that there was no strike that day.” After “four gate changes”, the flight was cancelled. “They misbehaved, I saw in the Ryanair app that the flight was already canceled and they didn’t notify us.” “There were no flights until four days later. We got together 200 people at the Ryanair counterthere was anxiety, with people who screwed up the holidays ». In his case, and that of fifteen other people, he was lucky and managed to relocate on a flight from another airline and pay 80 euros for the resident discount, “without it the ticket would cost 400.”

The cases of cancellations this summer do not stop. Joan Llobera did not come to work after the cancellation of his flight from A Coruña with Vueling and after having to sleep at the Barcelona airport, where he had a layover. There is still a lot of summer ahead, we must arm ourselves with patience but without giving up our rights.


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