A night train will go from Bariloche to the steppe in tourism mode

Perito Moreno es la segunda estación desde Bariloche, luego de Ñirihuau (Foto: Marcelo Martínez)

The transition from the mountain range to the steppe, at sunset, will be the landscape that tourists and residents will see through the window of the train, which from May will roll again with a proposal of proximity, in a 45-minute trip between Bariloche and the Perito Moreno stationon one side of the Los Juncos lagoon.

30 kilometers
is the distance from the Bariloche train station to the Perito Moreno station, in the middle of the steppe.

The distance is short. Are only 30 kilometers that will be traveled aboard the most modern formation of the Patagonian Train, the Mater motorcar, which was custom-made in 2018 and used on trips between the mountain range and the sea.

The plan is to resume a tourist proposal that years ago offered the old Steam Train. Now with a modern unit that can carry 106 passengers, with two cars, toilets, air conditioning and heating.

“It is an innovative product for tourists who are in Bariloche, who have the option of taking a night trip on the train a few kilometers away, who can enjoy the landscape and have a proposal to dine in a pleasant environment where we want to highlight the products from Rio Negro. ”, he explained to BLACK RIVER Daniel García, president of Tren Patagónico, who took command of the company with state capital at the end of March with a multiplicity of projects in the pipeline.

what an amazing place

Currently, the place where the Perito Moreno station is located, the second of the branch from the mountain range to the east, after Ñirihuau, it is a charming place with a steppe landscape which is reached by car along National Route 23, with some paved sections and others gravel.

The usual walk is on weekends, during the day, to visit the surroundings of the lagoon, which is a protected nature reserve, which at this time begins to have water after months of extreme drought. With the water also come the flamingos and an important diversity of birds.

There is a tea house and a grill around a charming landscape (Photo: Marcelo Martínez)

Nearby, in addition to the old station, now converted into a tea house, there is a grill (which only works on Saturdays and Sundays at noon), an old house with settlers and there are trails for short walks and even watching the birds fly. condors in the vicinity of a rock.

Jacobacci, with La Trochita and with a key social service

Jacobacci is one of the cities that lives around the train. The tracks pass through the middle of the city and its station converges in the urban area. But currently it only receives a weekly service between Viedma and Bariloche (and vice versa) and, in the summer season, until Easter, the trochitawhich is filled with tourists.

Daniel García, the president of Tren Patagónico, confirmed to this newspaper that from May the Ter train will run again, with two weekly frequencies between Jacobacci and Bariloche. The departure from the town of the South Region will be at dawn to arrive first thing in the morning with the premise of being a service with a more social character, a means of transport for those who must do paperwork, go to the doctor and other procedures in the Andean city . The return would be around 9:00 p.m.

ANDThis service also worked until a few years ago and played a fundamental role in the residents not only of Jacobacci but also of the intermediate localities. where the formation makes stops, such as Comallo, Clemente Onelli and Pilcaniyeu.

In addition, García anticipated that the option of having a tourist service from La Trochita in winter with a shorter trip, only 15 kilometers, to the road junction, where services were installed in the summer and a lunch could be offered to the passengers. “In winter La Trochita is difficult to guarantee until Ojos de Agua because of the snow, you have to go uphill and it gets complicated, that’s why we plan to take it to the junction”he explained. In coordination with Chubut, a formation of the narrow gauge train arrives from El Maitén to Ñorquinco, generating a tourist movement.

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