A new Bitcoin Pizza Day arrives and is celebrated with a crypto event in Buenos Aires

A new Bitcoin Pizza Day arrives and is celebrated with a crypto event in Buenos Aires

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A new Bitcoin Pizza Day arrives and is celebrated with a crypto event in Buenos Aires

This will be the meeting that will be held to celebrate a new anniversary of the first transaction with BTC in history

Is May 22ndmythical date for the crypto ecosystem known as the pizza daywill be celebrated in Buenos Aires with a mega social event led by local entrepreneurs.

The #BitcoinPizzaDay will take place this Sunday in the Argentine capital with an unmissable event that unites both fans and developers and entrepreneurs who work every day for a more decentralized world.

With the support of PizzaDAO and other ecosystem projects, the in-person event for more than 1,200 guests is organized for the first time in Argentina: “Buenos Aires is globally relevant in both categories: Pizza and Crypto, so we know that this event can be highly convening”commented Angelo Antonelli, founder of Welook, one of the companies behind the organization of the event.

As has already happened in different parts of the world in recent years, it is expected that the meeting will give rise to enormous spaces for conversation, music, networking, activities, merchandising, games and of course free pizza

When? On Sunday, May 22, from 7:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Where? In Espacio Darwin, Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Some of the cities where this great event has been held before are: San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Amsterdam, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Boston, Vancouver, London, Philadelphia, Sao Paulo, Austin, Venice, Sydney, Seattle. , Paris, Seoul, Washington, Lisbon, Atlanta and Dubai.

How to get a ticket:

Those who want to attend can get their free ticket through one of the options listed on the official site: bitcoinpizzadayba.xyz.

The great novelty in this event will be the Token-Gating or Access by tokens, which presupposes that those who have a certain cryptoactive (NFT) in their social wallets will be able to access or participate in certain activities. This technology is very innovative in the world and is a sample of what could be everyday for the majority of the population in the not too distant horizon.

There will also be simpler alternatives for those who do not have such technical knowledge and just want to participate to delve deeper into the subject.

Why is it celebrated?

The occasion commemorates the first purchase of goods made with Bitcoin in the world: two pizzas for 10,000 BTC. The person who made the purchase was Laszlo Hanyecz, one of the first to adopt the cryptocurrency in 2010, just months after its launch. The purchase, which was worth approximately $41, is now valued at $389 million.

In the crypto world, everything is limited to a virtual protocol through a network processed by algorithms that is distributed randomly, therefore this famous transaction is public and it can be verified that Hanyecz paid for two pizzas with 10,000 Bitcoin.

Since this fact, every May 22nd “Bitcoin Pizza Day” is celebrated, celebrating the first transaction of a physical product with cryptocurrencies. To commemorate this day, various pizzerias around the world have joined forces with the most popular Exchanges on a global scale to provide benefits to their users.

This year in Argentina, together with Welook and PizzaDAO, together with sponsors such as: TravelX, Agrotoken, BNB Chain, PintaToken, POAP, CoinEx, DefyEducation and Satoshi Market, joined forces to provide pizza to all the guests at the event and this way to continue celebrating this super special day for the crypto community.

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