A European country seeks young Argentines to travel and work: how to apply

A European country seeks young Argentines to travel and work: how to apply

Traveling around the world has always been a desire present in the imagination of Argentines, motivated by the ancestors who helped forge the country, or by the simple interest in learning about other cultures, the search for opportunities abroad they are constant and there are always people interested in them.

European destinations appear again and again as the promised lands where Argentines can find compatible Western cultures, and above all, security and economic stability. Therefore, young people who are looking for opportunities in the old continent should know that Ireland reopened working holiday visas in Argentina.

This was detailed by the cultural attaché of the Embassy of Ireland in Argentina, Yanina Bevilacqua, in a live uploaded to the official Instagram account of the embassy, ​​​​where she made the announcement and detailed all the pertinent specifications.

The Working Holiday Ireland program – which deals with granting travel and work visas for 12 months to young people – had been suspended in Argentina since the coronavirus pandemic broke out. Originally they granted 200 visas per year to people between 18 and 35 years old, but this year, exceptionally, the requirements were relaxed a bit and the number of vacancies doubled.

specifically, Ireland will give 400 vacancies that will be enabled in two batches of 200one per semester, for young Argentines between 18 and 37 years of age. The requirements to obtain are:

– Be an Argentine citizen and have a valid and current Argentine passport.

– Be between 18 and 37 years of age, both inclusive.

– Do not travel accompanied by dependent family members, unless they have their own visa.

– Not having previously participated in the program.

– Have no criminal record.

– Have sufficient funds to pay for the initial period of your stay; have a return ticket to your country of origin or sufficient funds to purchase it (EUR 1,500 with ticket, EUR 3,000 without). They may be required to prove funds upon entry to Ireland.

– Have medical and accident insurance, including hospitalization and repatriation, for the total of your stay.

– Pay the consular fee corresponding to the visa of 150 euros.

Those who can meet the requirements described and are interested in obtaining a work permit, should send an email to irishwhargentina@vfshelpline.comexpressing interest in the program. “The first 200 emails received will be assigned an appointment,” they detailed from the Embassy.

Emails can be sent from nine in the morning (09:00 hours) on May 31and those who obtain an appointment must go to it with all the aforementioned documentation.

The second round of 200 vacancies for working holiday visas will be enabled during the second half of 2022, although the Embassy has not yet defined the exact date.

What can you work in Ireland with a work and travel visa?

Young Argentines who are interested in a travel and work permit for Ireland should know that the best time to get a job is during the summer there, that is, from May to the end of September. However, when the end of the year holidays are approaching, it is also a good time to look for jobs in the country.

The fields that offer the most jobs in Ireland are: gastronomywith positions such as kitchen assistants, chefs, waiters, bartenders, among others; the tradewith openings for salespeople, sales assistants and more; and the call hospitalitywith jobs for cleaners, housekeepers and receptionists.

The sightseeing It is also an industry that offers many jobs, whether in hotels, restaurants and event halls.

As to the salariesif you take into account that the minimum wage for temporary workers in Ireland is paid at 10.20 euros; It can be estimated that working about 8 hours a day, a gross salary of more than 1,600 euros per month could be obtained. These figures could however vary depending on the qualification of the position itself.

To search for jobs, there are several web platforms where employers publish searches such as Irish Jobs, My Job, Neuvco, Gumtree.ie, Construction Jobs, Recruit Ireland, Europelanguagejobs.comamong others.

There are also advertisements that can be found through the classifieds of the media, a practice that is still common in Ireland, the three most recommended newspapers where to look for jobs are The Irish Times, The Examiner and The Irish Independent.

With all this in mind, young Argentines who decide to try their luck in Europe could opt for the Irish working holiday visa where they will find a culturally rich country and where they will be able to gain work experience that will also allow them to save in euros.


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