a dose of fun and mental health

a dose of fun and mental health

The post covid family must emotionally reconnect says a child psychologist. The specialist assures that family tourism can be a great ally since children learn outside of a screen or from the pages of a book. They learn through experience, through the enjoyment and security of being with family

According to a survey conducted by Marriott International in the Caribbean and Latin America, 40% of participants plan to take their next vacation with their family. Family vacations are not only fun and exciting experiences, but also a dose of mental health.

“The post-covid family must emotionally reconnect. Enjoying everyone together on a trip will strengthen emotional ties and communication”, says Rubén La Rosa, child psychologist. “Beyond this”, continues the psychologist, “family tourism can be a great ally, since children learn outside of a screen or the pages of a book. They learn through experience, through the enjoyment and security of being with the family.”

The child psychologist explains that “staying away from face-to-face interactions in the social, academic and family spheres reinforced isolation and insecurity in children. In addition, the lack of social, sensory, physical and educational stimulation caused lags and deficiencies in their development and they missed many important opportunities vital to their growth.

The last two years brought isolation, which took its toll on different aspects of life. Children and adolescents were impacted by the radical change in their routines, which could affect their mental health. According to the results of a survey conducted by Unicef ​​and Gallup in 21 countries, emotions such as uncertainty, loneliness and sadness have taken over the lives of millions of families.

“Approximately one in seven children around the world was directly affected by confinement,” says Fernanda Restrepo, a specialist in upbringing and parenting.

“Children need movement to grow in all areas of their lives, and physical and mental inactivity has been exacerbated during the pandemic,” explains Gaby González, pedagogue and psychotherapist specializing in parenting.

Family vacations can be an antidote, as travel provides a space for good times, which has a lasting effect on children’s happiness. In addition, it helps them develop more rational, reflective and critical thinking. Likewise, they acquire new values ​​and skills of an emotional and social nature, according to studies by the Sant Joan de Déu hospital in Barcelona, ​​specializing in paediatrics.

“The contact of children and adolescents with reality is key, being able to see and explore those places, learn about their architecture, history, gastronomy, culture and the beauty of the world, awakens their curiosity and increases their desire to live, dream and grow”, highlights the pedagogue and psychotherapist specialized in parenting.

“After the pandemic we have seen a new priority in values, and spending time with loved ones is at the top of the list,” says Diana Plazas-Trowbridge, director of sales and marketing for Marriott International in the Caribbean and Latin America. “Traditional family vacations have expanded to become multi-generational and include extended family,” she says.

Places to visit

In Costa Rica, the Dino Park at Planet Hollywood Costa Rica, An Autograph Collection All-Inclusive Resort will arouse the curiosity of little ones with its life-size dinosaurs.

For families looking to be amazed by the natural ecosystem and live the adrenaline, right there, in the middle of the Costa Rican tropical jungle, there is a zip line tour. The Westin Reserva Conchal, at the All-Inclusive Golf Resort & Spa, offers its Westin Family program that seeks to promote well-being and fun, drawing inspiration from nature and play to promote creativity and the development of skills in children between 4 and 12 years old.

“Recreational activities counteract anxiety and those that allow doing and learning something are also beneficial, since acquiring new knowledge is an action that translates into a triumph and this helps self-esteem. Family vacations are a dose of mental health”, indicates the child psychologist.

Sports lovers can promote concentration and discipline with surf lessons at the W Punta de Mita. For those who are more inclined to art and creativity, the Stars Kids Club at Planet Hollywood Cancun allows you to unleash your imagination where children can learn to act, dance, sing, make costumes, film scenes, direct the show and even edit video. .

Intrigue your family’s historical curiosity at the JW Marriot El Convento Cusco, housed in a restored 16th-century convent in the heart of Cusco, Peru, where little Panchita, the hotel’s resident alpaca, greets guests after a long day in the city. They can also immerse themselves in local Barbadian culture at Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels, where the family can learn to bake and cook typical island foods.

“Cultural exchange will be one of the most valuable experiences on a trip; learning is an enriching experience, but connecting with the realities of other people and other cultures will broaden the vision and make it much more inclusive”, concludes Restrepo, a specialist in upbringing and parenting.



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