A boat party in La Manga del Mar Menor: Flippa Boat takes the fun from the beach to the sea

A boat party in La Manga del Mar Menor: Flippa Boat takes the fun from the beach to the sea

CARTAGENA. boat parties sWith a great attraction of the coastal towns. The possibility of sailing while enjoying a party is a very attractive option in summer. With this idea Flippa Boat was born, which, like many ideas, was born by chance. “One day we were sailing and we thought about the option of buying a boat for this business. The boat had been stopped since the pandemic, since it had previously gone sailing offering tours, but with the covid it was unused. So, we had a little savings my partner and I and we wrapped the blanket around our heads”, says Diego, the forerunner of Flippa Boat, located in the port of La Isleta.

The boat has a capacity for 66 people and a length of approximately 20 meters. It has 3 environments: the interior area (the most sheltered), the bow deck (the coolest) and the upper deck, designed as a VIP area. “We started to fix it in November, and soon we will be offering private events. The excursions, which will be 3, will start to be carried out from June 25,” says one of the founders of Flippa Boat.

The excursions will consist of visits to the Mar Menor, touring its islands and the Mediterranean Sea, sailing along the coast of La Manga and its islands, leaving through the Estacio channel, seeing the drawbridge, and being able to bathe in the crystal clear waters of Isla Grosa. “The route through the five islands is a route that the previous owner already did and we wanted to keep it. Then there will also be two in the afternoon, with a bath, anchor somewhere, and another to watch the sunset. And, of course , the one at night, that we are working so that the whole ship can be seen illuminated”, affirms Diego. “We will work with a caterer, but whoever wants something to eat for the boat ride can bring their own food. The drink if we provide it,” he adds.

The idea of ​​Flippa Boat is to close a month, for January or February, to be able to pass the revisions that the authorities require. “Outside of the summer, our idea is to open ourselves up to schools that want to go on excursions and observe the flora and fauna of the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean, so the break in activity, at least initially, we intend not to be very long,” he says. . A new form of leisure for La Manga.



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