6 places near CDMX that will make you feel like you’re on the beach

6 places near CDMX that will make you feel like you're on the beach

It is not necessary to travel so far to feel at the beach, we share some destinations near CDMX where you will enjoy a similar experience.

Although it sounds curious, it is not necessary travel to the beach to enjoy an experience of paradisiacal attraction, as well as beautiful aquatic settings where you can entertain yourself with ecotourism activities. there are some destinations near CDMX that, despite not being right on the seashore, offer a space that will make you feel as if you were vacationing in the beach. Here we share them with you!

Travel, enjoy and share!

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Lake Avandaro – Valle de Bravo

bravo valley It is one of the favorite destinations to visit near CDMX, since in addition to offering a warm and relaxing charm, it has a beautiful lake where you can enjoy a variety of water activities. You’ll feel like you’re in the beach, but without the need to travel long distances from the capital; some of the most incredible experiences to do in the Lake Avandaro are skiing, canoeing, sport fishing, sailboat regatta and jet ski tours.

Photo: Unsplash

Valley of the Trails – San Miguel de Allende

Although it seems hard to believe, San Miguel de Allende hide one of the artificial beaches most beautiful there are, part of a wonderful country development known as Valle de los Senderos. The place has experiences of authentic connection with nature, as well as a beach-club with natural poollake, jacuzzi spa, board games and remote control sailboats. In front of the natural pool you will find lounge chairs on white sand, which will make you feel as if you were in a beach near CDMX.

Photo: Valley of the Trails

Alchichica Lagoon – Puebla

Located at three hours from CDMXthe Alchichica Lagoon It is one of the destinations in Puebla that is worth knowing in case you enjoy the natural settings and aquatic entertainment. It’s about a saline lake type maar – wide and low volcanic crater -, with salt water and characteristic for its panoramas of surprising beauty, as well as for offering its visitors the possibility of swim in its calm waters, go kayaking, or enjoy a picnic in its vicinity.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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Tequesquitengo Lake – Tequesquitengo

Tequesquitengo It’s one of the destinations near CDMX where you will feel as if you were on the beach, but enjoying the beauty of its natural lake. It is known for the variety of water sports and adventure activities it offers – boat and banana boat rides, jet skis, diving classes, skiing, bungee -, perfect for a trip with family or friends, as its entertainment options are quite varied. Best of all, it has a warm climate for most of the year, so it will be a good option to escape from the city during cold seasons.

Photo: Unsplash

Caves of Tolantongo – Morelos

Visit the Caves of Tolantongo It will be to enjoy an oasis of thermal waters and natural springs, as well as a space for relaxation and connection with the environment. Its settings may not be similar to a beach, but they do guarantee to be surprised by the beauty they offer; We recommend you stay in one of their accommodations, this way you can make the most of the experience and without worrying about the time of return.

Photo: Tolantongo Caves

The Stakes – Morelos

the stakes is a Natural Park in Morelos that will make you feel as if you were visiting a destination of beach near CDMXas it offers a natural meeting experience between aquatic settings, ecotourism activities and beautiful accommodation for any preference – there is a hotel, glamping, camping area and a fifth of exclusive rooms -. Its river feeds a variety of pools and paradisiacal corners, where you can enjoy diving classes, snorkelingraft rides and zip lines.

Photo: Las Estacas Natural Park


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