5 quiet places to rest in the mountains – Córdoba

5 quiet places to rest in the mountains - Córdoba

Located in the center of the country, Cordova enjoy a Prime location which makes her a mandatory stop for those looking activities to do, or for those who want to spend a few days of break.

1. The Peach

It’s found just 135 km from Cordoba and it is the ideal place to perform outdoor activitiestravel craft fairs or share one snack in its picturesque teahouse.

One of the main attractions of this destiny is the Los Cajones Nature Reservecrossed by the river The Peachsurprising for the crystal greenor of their waters with pots up to 6 meters deep. In low temperature seasonyou can enjoy your wide beaches from sand O well take sun and ones math in some of the huge stones surrounding the placer.

There is also walking trails of land and stairs integrated with the environment. Many come exclusively to enjoy a delicious snack in Lahuena quaint tea house.

The place offers different accommodation optionsfrom Hotels until campsites.

is reached by RP5 to Santa Rosawhere should take the RP 228. Before to arrive at Villa Yacantoon the left hand side, is the entrance to the dirt road that leads to the entrance of the town.

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2. Serrano Forest

East place it’s found inside Los Quebrachitosa natural reserve located 8 km from the downtown area of ​​Unquillo. With more than 5000 hectaresis presented as an ideal place for those who want get away from the big conglomerates of people.

Inside of great extensioncan be traversed trails, streams and springs. East mountain forest borders the Sugar Loaf and They cross watercourses such as the Cabana river and the Santa Marta stream. An green lung that protects a large portion of mountain forest that is made up of carob trees, white quebrachos, molles, coconuts, acacias and blackberriess, among other examples of native flora.

The activities that can be done are: bird watching, hiking and, when the temperature allows it, bathing in the Los Chorrillos Waterfallin a preserved environment full of native flora and fauna.

The booking can be traversed as self-guided or beside authorized personneldeparting from the tourist office of the town. Admission is free.

For get to Unquillo must take the route E53 and drive 40 km approximately.

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3. St. Clement

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Saint Clement is located 80 km from the Cordoba capital And it is ideal to get away from the noise of the city. Is a quiet havenspecial to enjoy a summer’s afternoon odmate and family days during the year.

It’s found framed by the waters of the Las Granadillas and Las Tazanas streams, and the Suela, San José and San Pedro rivers, San Clemente. The walks either horse or bike ridesare completed with landscapes adorned by espinillos and pine forests.

Has a beautiful little chapel which bears the name of Our Lady of Mercybuilt in stone and, therefore, very particular, which dates from the year 1947.

For get from the city of Cordova must follow the RP5 and continue along the route S271.

4. Intiyaco

Intiyaco is presented as one of the unmissable corners of the Calamuchita Valley for its pine forests, its crystal clear river and its excellent panoramic views.

East place give away beautiful landscapes all year round: in winter the forests are covered by snowflakes, in spring everything is bathed in daisies and in summer the animals come out and give unmissable shows: hares, foxes and skunks.

Intiyaco is crossed by the Los Reartes riverwhich offers ideal routes to bathe or to rest and drink mate on its beaches.

Trekking, fishing and a craft house are any of the activities What does this paradise have to offer? 120 km from Cordoba. To get there you must take the RP 5 and then the RP 109.

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5. Saint Lawrence

Calm and quiet come together in this peaceful mountain area full of nature, life and history. It is located in the Traslasierra Valley2 kilometers north of Villa Cura Brochero and 5 kilometers from Mina Clavero.

Their dirt streets, peasants and rural landscape characterize this town that has as one of its main protagonists the crystalline waters of the Panaholma river. With him San Lorenzo creekinvite you to enjoy the natural beauties of flora and faunato appreciate Panoramic viewsremains of an old ditch and beautiful mortars, a legacy of the native inhabitants of the region.

One of the main activities that can be practiced here is the trekking. Furthermore, it proposes a walk in the area of ​​La Quebradawhere is a archaeological site with pictographsand it is possible to reach caves of the settlement comechingon.

For get from Córdoba capital must drive 159 km along RP34.

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