5 places less than an hour from Córdoba to go for a picnic – Córdoba

5 places less than an hour from Córdoba to go for a picnic - Córdoba

1. Candonga

Very close to CordobaEast village is steeped in history since he passed by there old Royal Road to Upper Peru.

Is very famous the Church from Candongavery close to which there is a stream. An ideal space under the trees to unfold a tablecloth with delicious things and enjoy a picnic in family or friends. It presents itself as a place to go with children since the green space is wide and the calm and shallow waters.

For getmust drive 53 km on route E53.

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2. Tanti

Tanti has everything to pass a day off Y tranquillity in contact with the nature. Have a creekwhich bears the same name as the locality, which is presented as a very tempting space to spend an afternoon picnic in a spectacular natural environment. It’s about a crystal clear watercourse surrounded by green and stones. Although the temperatures now do not allow a dip, if you can get your feet wet to complete the experience.

A afternoon without haste or worries eating something delicious between vegetation, sandy beaches, pots and large stones.

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3. The Estancia

In the Small Sawsjust 52 km from Cordobait’s found the little shed. A place that combines tranquillity and the beauty of a natural space full of vegetation. To that is added a beautiful waterfall of 13 meters of fall.

Once the car is left, a 20 minute walk approximately. When you get to Riverthere is little beaches where you can enjoy a picnic Y dip your feet in the crystal clear waters. It also can descend to the waterfall and enjoy that unique sound of falling water hitting the pot.

4. Golden Water

nothing more than 45 kilometers separate Agua de Oro from the capital. Through its surroundings it glides, calmly, the homonymous riveralso know as chavacaste. The around I know complete with a intense grove that provides a perfect shade to put together a picnic.

walking and following its courseyou arrive towards pans of the spas El Cajon and Cartagena, where there is fine sand beaches who also invite spend the afternoon tasting something delicious with some mates.

To get there, you must drive 50 km along route E 53.

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5. Ceballos River

Between the attractive from Ceballos Riverstands out the Dam La Quebradalocated in the natural water reserve that protects its environment. In addition to being very chosen for water sportsbet on this place as a ideal corner to bet on a good rest and family picnic with a spectacular viewr.

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