5 outdoor tourist activities to have fun in Puebla


Puebla It is a destination that stands out both for its gastronomic variety and for its famous chiles en nogada or its mole poblano.

It also has nine Magical Towns, each one full of cultural, natural and architectural wealth.

It also offers a wide variety of ecotourism activities for restless travelers, nature lovers.

If you are of that type, we recommend a list of outdoor activities in Pueblan settings.

one. Climbing on the Iztaccíhuatl volcano
It is a Nahuatl word that means “sleeping woman”. Its height is approximately five thousand 220 meters and here you can make mountaineering.

But first you must register at the Popocatépetl – Iztaccihuatl National Park offices located in Amecameca, State of Mexico.

For your trip we suggest you go in the company of an authorized tour operator who knows first aid, safe routes for inexperienced hikers and who has great experience in this activity.

He is obliged to provide you with equipment in good condition and to guarantee your safety.

On your way you will be able to discover the variety of flora and fauna found in the Iztaccihuatl, it is also possible to climb to “the chest” of the sleeping woman, the highest part of this volcano.

Who takes you: Mountaineers Laudanos de la Sierra Nororiental SC Puebla is a company with specialized guides in extreme sports. Book by mail: [email protected]

two. Skydiving in Atlixco
Atlixco, “The city of flowers”, is one of the 9 Magical Towns of Puebla, and here you can launch in a tandem parachute. Skydive Puebla is a company that offers jumps for beginners and professionals.

If you are planning your first jump, you don’t have to worry, a certified instructor will accompany you on this adventure.

The descent is at a height of 17 thousand feet (5 thousand 181 meters), reaching a speed of 200 km/h.

After 45 seconds of free fall you parachute it will open. Pay on line: 2 thousand 600 pesos per person.

3. Camping in the Ex Hacienda de Chautla
The Former Hacienda of Chautla It is located on the outskirts of the town of San Lucas El Grande.

Inside is the Gillow Castle that stands out for its English-style architecture.

Inside this property, which dates back to the 18th century, you can spend the night camping on the shore of a lake.

You can also get on a boat, go zip-lining and do sport or consumption fishing (with designated areas to grill your freshly caught trout).

If you don’t want to camp, a hotel has been set up on the same property.

Four. Rappelling in Cuetzalan del Progreso
The Magic Town of Cuetzalan It is surrounded by mountains, caves and waterfalls, such as El Salto, with a drop of 27 meters high where it is possible to rappel down.

For the activity, a certified guide will provide you with the safety equipment, such as a life jacket, helmet, and harness.

The objective is to descend to the side of the torrent, where you will surely end up soaked. Who takes youPairing: Cuetzalan Intense.

5. Paragliding flight in Chipilo
Chipilo It is a place that is located south of the city of Puebla and was founded by Italian immigrants in 1882.

A certified instructor will provide you with the necessary safety equipment and instructions to embark on a tandem flight of approximately 20 minutes.

At the end of the flight they will give you a courtesy drink and a package of 15 photographs. Who takes you: Young World.

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