5 days in Lisbon for 165 euros (flight included)

Lisboa, el destino que Carrefour Viajes ofrece por 165 euros

The sightseeing it’s back. After two years of pandemictourism sees how its activity is gaining more and more weight and returning to what it was. Something happened to him sightseeing of the inserted and the old people. The trips of Institute for the Elderly and Social Services demand continues to increase and there are travel agencies that are already launching travels parallel to them. It is the case of Carrefour Travel which has on its website a travel offer to Lisbon which is irrevocable.

In this case, Carrefour Travel launches an offer of five days and four nights in Tenerife at a price of 165 euros per person. Prices similar to those of inserted. This trip includes direct flights from Madrid to Lisbon and the four nights of Hotel Alif Avenidas4 star

This offer is adjusted to the dates from December 15 to 19 and to benefit from that price, 2 adults must travel. Yes, since Carrefour Travel They offer the possibility of personalizing the preferences of this trip, both in the dates and in the people who make the trip. Obviously, changing the preferences of the trip will vary the price of the product.

Travel to Lisbon from Madrid for 165 euros

The trip will start in Madridfrom where you will depart by plane to Lisbon. Once you arrive in the island city, with a 1 hour and 20 minute flight, you will go to the Alif Avenidas hotel. This is the lodging place that includes Carrefour Travel.

The hotel is located in the Duque D´Ávila Avenue 189. The room has two double beds. Services offered by the hotel include wireless Internet access, concierge services, and a television in a common area.

Lisbon, the destination that Carrefour Viajes offers for 165 euros

In addition, the hotel room is serviced, with the option of ordering food from the restaurant.

about Lisbon

Lisbon is known as the city of seven hills due to its location. It must be remembered that the city extends through steep slopes that overlook the Tagus River. Romantic and cosmopolitan, the city presents its typical red roofs to visitors who want to see every inch of the city. Lisbon surprises with its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere.

The Portuguese capital offers a large number of museums, libraries, a large port, churches and palaces and impressive views of the Tagus River. Lisbon was considered a poor and chaotic city. Today the city has experienced a revival of the style of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, when Lisbon was part of that vast empire that stretched from Brazil to India.


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