4 destinations a few hours from Buenos Aires

4 destinations a few hours from Buenos Aires

There is also the Three Peaks Hill, where one of the most demanding trails in the region is located. The ascent to the “roof of the Province of Buenos Aires”, with 1239 meters above sea level, invites you to observe the mountains from the sky. The round trip day trip takes approximately ten hours. But the ideal option is to spend the night in the “Cueva de los Guanacos” to regain strength and get to know the top when you wake up, then starting the descent.

In any case, there are also other types of activities and spaces to explore: Ernesto Tornquist Square, Santa Rosa de Lima Church, Municipal Palace, Rodolfo Funke Municipal Theater, House of History Museum, Linear Park and Las Encadenadas Lagoon.



390 km from the cityTandil offers many very representative tourist tours: The Movediza Hillwhich for thousands of years had the legendary Moving Stone kept in a strange balance and constitutes the emblem of the municipal coat of arms, being the symbol that characterizes the city; Lake of the Fort It is an ideal space to practice healthy outdoor activities; and the Monument of Don Quixote and Sancho Panzalocated in the circuit of the Lake and with an incredible view of the Lake of the Fort.

Also found the Sentinel Hill, located 6 km from the city center, has a stone, characteristic exponent of spheroidal erosion in Tandil rocks. The walk has a gastronomic and recreational complex in a mountain setting of unparalleled beauty. also has chair lifts with a total length of 1,260 m and a maximum tower height of 14 m.



The provincial destination -located 98 km from Buenos Aires– offers activities with high and low impact on nature: flora and fauna watching, boat and kayak rental, kitesurfing, motor boating, sport fishing and hiking. Also found the Municipal waterfront which is a public promenade on the coast of Laguna de Lobos with a playground for children, tables and benches. It is an ideal place to enjoy nature and tranquility while respecting the natural environment that we want to preserve.

In addition, you can practice rural tourism. A different way of reviving customs in full contact with nature, animals and field activities. You can enjoy a horseback ride, the typical gastronomy, the customs of the rural towns and its picturesque streets. Finally, and to complete the combo of attractions, there is Active turism: skydiving, baptism flight, skate and polo.


Saint Peter

The green, its ravines, the river and its proximity to the big cities make San Pedro a good getaway option. Only 164 kilometers from the Autonomous City of Buenos Airesthe destination is a cable to land for tourists who come from the big cities.

Explore the wide streets of the historic center, on foot or by bicycle; enjoy the canyons on their sunny afternoons in winter; camp at some of their campsites; or sailing the waters of the Paraná River are some of the most frequented activities. In addition to the coastal cars, restaurants by the river, Creole grills, river fish and the local artisanal delicacies.

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San Pedro Tourism


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