37 series, movies and documentaries such as season 4 of ‘Stranger things’, ‘Welcome to Eden’ and more

37 series, movies and documentaries such as season 4 of 'Stranger things', 'Welcome to Eden' and more

It seems like yesterday, and we are already reaching the end of April. The sky rises, the birds chirp in their nests and Netflix prepares to disembark with its premieres of May 2022. Cinema, films, reality shows and documentaries for all tastes. let’s review all that will come next month!

Before going to the mess, you can take a look at our lists of the best Netflix movies of the year and, of course, the best series. That it never hurts to throw a little library. Come on, let’s start: Tu-dum!

Series, programs and specials

‘Stranger things’, season 4

Hopper is still in Kamchatka prison in Russia, and while trying to escape and face the paranormal, in the United States the group of friends has split up after the last battle. But of course, a new paranormal entity is going to do his thing again. Netflix has divided the fourth season into two blocks: the first will be released now and the second on July 1, up to a total of nine episodes. Remember that the series will end, a priori, in season 5, so there is less left to get closer to Hawkins again.

may 27th

‘Welcome to Eden’

The Netflix’s new Spanish bet It has already been renewed for a second season before airing and it talks about five influencers who are invited to a secret island to promote a drink… And they end up being part of a strange community run by a woman they know nothing about. The new ‘Lost’ or the new ‘The I-Land’? We will see it very soon in this Spanish-style thriller.

May 6th

‘The marginal’, season 5: May 4

‘Three meters above the sky: the series’, season 3: May 4

‘The circle’, season 4: May 4

Clark: May 5

‘The Pentavirate’: May 5

‘Blood sisters’: May 5

‘The sound of magic’: May 6

‘Christina P: Mom genes’: May 8

’42 days in the dark’: May 11

‘Wild Beauty’: May 11

‘The empire of ostentation’, season 2: May 13

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’: May 13

‘New goals’: May 13

‘A vampire in the garden’: May 16

‘The future diary’, season 2: May 17

‘Who Killed Sara?’ Season 3: May 18

‘Insiders’, season 2: May 19

‘Love, death and robots’, volume 3: May 20

‘Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045’, season 2: May 23


‘Jackass 4.5’

As usual in ‘Jackass’, Johnny Knoxville and his crew recorded many more gags, hits, nonsense and barbarities that were never seen in the film version of ‘Jackass forever’. So, before the original movie hits any service streaming, Netflix premieres this version made of discards to laugh out loud with the noble art of hurting.

May 20th

‘Showtime, 1958’: May 3

‘Let yourself go’: May 6

‘Incompatible 2’: May 6

‘Forties’: May 6

‘Thar’: May 6

‘Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045. Sustainable War’: May 9

‘Back to school’: May 13

The best Netflix movies in 2022 (for now)

‘As for which’: May 19

‘The perfect family’: May 20


‘Our father’

The story of ‘Our father’ is incredible: a gynecologist who, given the lack of sperm donors, decided to use their own donations to impregnate women who came to his fertility clinic. The result? Until now 50 sons and daughters are known to him. Now, this documentary explores the how, the where and, above all, the why of this case.

May 11

‘Hold your breath: dive under the ice’: May 3

‘Nuclear accident’ (miniseries): May 4

‘Little Savages’: May 5

‘Cyberhell. The investigation that uncovered the horror’: May 18

‘The photographer and the postman: the crime of Cabezas’: May 19


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