13 people arrested after a fight and an attempt to escape

13 people arrested after a fight and an attempt to escape

The Civil Guard had to intervene in a mutiny inside a plane diverted to El Prat airport, when several of its passengers tried to escape from the aircraft. The incident occurred at dawn from Saturday to Sunday and thirteen people of Moroccan nationality were arrested. It all started with a fight on board.

The Pegasus Airlines company plane covered the route Casablanca-Istanbul with about 250 people. In the middle of the flight, two passengers with signs of drunkenness got into a fight. The commander decided at that moment to deviate from his route and requested to land at El Prat airport.

The device touched down around 4 in the morning. The agents appeared at the foot of the tarmac at T2 and, after identifying the two men, took them from the plane. Both were very nervous and had to be treated in an ambulance. But at that moment, another part of the passengers mutinied trying to leave the aircraft.

Close of doors

About 20 people got up from their seats screamingvery excited, and trying to get out of the plane. The agents, who were at the door at the time, had to close it to prevent their exit. The pilot then refused to resume the trip with these conflicting passengers on board.

After about 30 minutes, the security forces decided take out all the rioters one by one, in total eleven more people, young people and of Moroccan nationality. All of them, together with the other two passengers who were the protagonists of the fight, were transferred to begin the necessary procedures for their return to their country.

The background of Majorca

On that occasion they did manage to get off the plane in a massive escape. It happened on November 5 last year. The aircraft of the company Airbus Arabia covered the same route, Casablanca-Istanbul, and had to land in Palma due to a supposed diabetic coma of a passenger. Once on the ground, and after moments of great tension and pushing members of the crew, twenty young people of Moroccan origin ran down the runways of the Son Sant Joan airport.

Last month, the judge prosecuted the 21 migrants detained on that “patera plane” for sedition. She considers that there are sufficient indications that the emergency landing in Palma was a preconceived plan to illegally enter Spain.


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