10 challenges to do as a family

Retos para hacer en familia

Challenges to do as a family

Facing fun challenges as a family is a useful educational method to enhance the creativity and skills of all members, but it is especially essential for the youngest members of the household. From culinary challenges, linguistic challenges and much more, the family will come together to spend an entertaining time stimulating cognitive and emotional development. In addition, to enhance other important aspects, such as balance and coordination, sports challenges are ideal for improving the body’s motor skills. These help to promote physical exercise in both adults and children.

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try different dishes

The palate of children needs to develop different stimuli, that is why we propose an activity that consists of taste different dishes with your eyes closed or with a handkerchief that covers the vision. In this way, you will get the involvement of the little ones, since they will try to guess what foods the dish contains, they can even prepare the different dishes. And to add a competitive component to this challenge at home, create rounds with turns for each member to guess what dish is it? The one with the most hits wins! Individual challenges to do at home are also fun, but they are more complete if you do them in a group, this is a clear example.

Jump 15 times on one leg with each leg

It is about jumping with one leg while holding the other with your hands and preventing it from resting on the ground. With this exercise you will stimulate body balance and control of spaces. You must do it first with one leg and then with the other. And to add more fun to the challenges to do at home, sets a specific number of hops to see who you are able to reach that number or check who can make more jumps in a short period of time. In this case we have established 15 jumps.

Challenges to do as a family - Jump 15 times on one leg with each leg

Turn around and walk in a straight line

It is an exercise that seems simple, but in practice it becomes complicated. It is about giving several turns with the help of someone else’s momentum or with the help of oneself. When you come to a dry stop, follow the straight line marked on the ground previously. With this challenge you will strengthen the coordination and balance of the whole family while you have a fun time checking who is capable of doing it better. The more family members participate, the more fun it will be!

Make Origami Crafts

Doing crafts is always a safe bet with the little ones in the house. Also, making Origami figures encourages creativity. We point out that on the internet you will find many examples so that each member of the family tries to reproduce a different figure. Anyway, you can also compete doing the same figure to see who can do it better or even faster. Do you dare? Keep in mind that these challenges to do in quarantine are very fun!

Don’t know what figure to make? Well, at OneHOWTO we provide you with a video so you can learn how to make an Origami penguin. Do not miss it!

Create a fictional story

Creating family stories favors the creativity and thinking of the smallest of the house. Each participant must contribute some content until the story is complete. To do it in an orderly way, you can complete the story in several turns. In addition, you can imagine the protagonists and the place. Thus, each one will put their grain of sand in the final story.

cook different recipes

To teach and enhance children’s culinary skills, cooking as a family is one of the best fun challenges. In addition, there are many options, since even you can invent a recipe and experiment with new flavors. In any case, the intention is that the little ones are active in the kitchen and carry out various tasks, for example, they can prepare a mixture of ingredients or they can be in charge of decorating the preparation. In this way, their agility and creativity will also be stimulated. What do you think of these challenges for children?

Draw as a family

Children are generally passionate about drawing, so they will not put any impediment to drawing as a family. It is an ideal activity for test your most creative side, being a channel of expression of feelings and emotions. The challenge is to make a nice drawing with the whole family. Each member will contribute some detail to perfect the illustration. First you must choose the theme of the drawing and, later, the imagination will be in charge of shaping it. These home challenges are so much fun!

Challenges to do as a family - Draw as a family

Discover tongue twisters

Tongue twisters are a classic for language development and critical thinking, but with an added component of fun. Each member of the family must repeat the same tongue twister without making a mistake: the winner will be the one who says it faster and clearer. To progressively increase the complexity of the challenge, start with simple tongue twisters and keep increasing the difficulty. These challenges to do with friends are also a lot of fun!

play to imagine

It is about asking each member of the family what animal would it be or who or what would it become, for example, in a food, an animal, country, planet or any category you can think of. It is a perfect challenge for children to expand the vocabulary of the smallest of the house, helping them to know each other better. To add more difficulty to the game, you can practice in another language for children to learn new words and review vocabulary.

Create a new musical instrument

Inventing a musical instrument so that the little ones in the house can play it is another way of taking advantage of the emotional, cognitive and physical development of children. And although you can search for ideas on the Internet to create a new instrument, you can opt for maracas made with stuffed bottlesfor example: you can fill them with vegetables or sand from the beach, you can also create drums with plastic cups. Even a guitar with strings stretched on a wood.

What do you think of these easy challenges to do as a family? With these family challenges you will ensure that children and adults alike have fun! And, if you also want to know more Games to play as a family at home, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Challenges to do as a family - Create a new musical instrument

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