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Celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Dark Knight Trilogy with these deep DC discounts on apparel, movies and more

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Dark Knight Trilogy with these deep DC discounts on apparel, movies and more

Does ten years that the last film of the saga that started Batman Begins was released in theaters: “The Dark Knight: The Legend Rises”, directed by Christopher Nolan and where we were shown a Bruce Wayne who had to face some very memorable villains. If you haven’t missed any details of the movies, at Zavvi we have found a lot of offers to celebrate the Batman Begins 10th Anniversary: t-shirts, movies and much more.

the batman movies

The Batman is the last film that we have been able to enjoy iconic DC characterwhere we were shown a new Batman played by Robert Pattinson who was characterized by being more human and dark than what we were used to seeing. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, we remind you that it’s available on HBO, but at Zavvi we find a great discount on its three versions: 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD. Although, if we prefer, we can also take the Batman Begins trilogy on Blu-ray for only 18.49 euros.

Batman in 4K Ultra HD

Batman in 4K Ultra HD

DC clothing

10th Anniversary Batman Begins Clothing

In Zavvi we can also find a large number of t-shirts and sweatshirts not just Batman, but many of DC’s characters with designs inspired by the movies and comics. A good example are these two sweatshirts, where we can see that one of them has a design where we can see the characteristic Batman logo and that we can take it with us for only 20.99 euros and shipping costs included with the price. coupon DCHOODIE. But we also found another sweatshirt with the Superman logo, and with the coupon DC30 it can be ours for only 24.50 euros.

Justice League Batman Logo Sweatshirt

Justice League Batman Logo Sweatshirt

We also find t-shirts with the 30% off if we use the coupon DC30. In this case, there is a wide variety of designs, but some have particularly caught our attention, as is the case of the Joker shirt that has an image of “the killing joke“, or “The Killing Joke”. But we can also see other equally cool designs like the one on Harley Quinn’s shirt.

DC Fandome Joker Men's T-Shirt - Black

DC Fandome Joker Men’s T-Shirt – Black

All the Batman movies ranked from worst to best

Home accessories

10th Anniversary Batman Begins Home Accessories

if you love them decorate your houses with products from movies and series, at Zavvi you can find a large collection of DC accessories with a 30% discount using the DCHOME couponand what better way than to welcome our acquaintances in the best way with diffuse with the Batman logo or with a design that takes the characteristic Arkham prison poster.

DC Comics Arkham Asylum Entrance Mat

DC Comics Arkham Asylum Entrance Mat

Y good coffee in the mornings it manages to clear us up to carry on each day, and to enjoy that moment in Zavvi we can find a large number of cups with spectacular designs of many of the DC characters, as is the case with this Joker mug. But we can also decorate our home with Batman pictures and thus show that we are some big superhero fans.

Batman Crazy In Love Mr. J Mug - White/Red

Batman Crazy In Love Mr. J Mug – White/Red

Many more Batman products

But that’s not all, at Zavvi we can find many more Batman products: Hot Toys, movie director chairs, novels and much more. We remind you that when buying from Zavvi you will sometimes be asked to pay customs, but the store takes full responsibility of that payment, as you can read in the terms and conditions.

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What Are ‘Junk Charges’ and How They Hit Your Pocket – NBC New York

What Are 'Junk Charges' and How They Hit Your Pocket – NBC New York

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which is the main consumer watchdog in the United States, announced on Wednesday that it has launched a review of “excessive” credit card fees.

‘Junk charges’ are passed on to credit and debit cardholders such as late fees, overdrafts, chargebacks, use of an out-of-network ATM, money transfers, inactivity and others.

“With overdraft fees, the price of a cup of coffee can change from $3 to $35. When a person needs help, they can even be charged a fee to talk to a real person. And some companies charge you to pay your bill over the phone or other methods,” the CFPB warns on its website.

The CFPB said Wednesday it will assess whether credit card late fees are “reasonable and proportionate”; the potential deterrent effect they may have on customers; and the role they play in the profitability of credit card companies.

“Credit card late fees are huge revenue generators for card issuers,” CFPB Director Rohit Chopra said in a statement.

“Our findings will inform rulemaking and help us ensure that we are making the credit card marketplace work better for all consumers,” he added.

Banks and credit unions took in more than $15 billion in overdraft and related fees in 2019 and $12 billion in late credit card fees in 2020, according to CFPB estimates.

Wednesday’s review is not likely to result in a rule before the end of the year, a CFPB official told reporters. The deadline for comments is July 22.

The agency said lenders have become too reliant on such fees and its review of junk fees is aimed at boosting competition.

Industry groups dispute that, saying the CFPB is wrong to suggest the fees show banks are not offering competitive services. Such fees are also clearly disclosed, they argue.

“Banks, more than any other industry, have taken concrete steps to make their products more affordable and accessible to millions of Americans,” Consumer Bankers Association Executive Director Richard Hunt said in a statement.

But the agency said it will assess whether existing rules allow consumers to be “hit” with multiple fines related to the same transaction or late payment. It will also review a rule that allows issuers to increase late fees to adjust for inflation.

“Technological advances should reduce processing costs,” Chopra suggested. “We are not looking for opinions, but empirical evidence.”

IMPORTANT. If you’ve had a problem with a financial product or service or received excessive junk fees, you can file a complaint with the CFPB.


The CFPB lists the most common fees Americans pay on its website.


The cost of signing up for a bank account is usually advertised as account maintenance fees, which can vary from bank to bank. However, the vast majority of fee income that banks earn from deposit accounts comes from overdraft fees or for not having enough funds to cover a transaction. In 2019, bank revenue from overdraft and insufficient funds fees exceeded $15 billion with the average cost of each fee ranging from $30 to $35.


Late fees are penalties for not paying an invoice when it is due and can be a significant source of revenue for businesses. Of the $23.6 billion in fees charged by card issuers in 2019, $14 billion came exclusively from late fees.


Banks commonly charge fees to accept payments on your bill, such as the ability to transfer payments, transact abroad, or even pay bills online. These are sometimes called “convenience fees.”


For the unbanked, prepaid cards provide critical access to basic financial services. While consumers can choose a card based on its monthly fee structure, they often find additional, unannounced fees for basic card use.


Historically, owning a home has been one of the best ways to build wealth. However, the fees associated with closing on a home, such as document preparation or title insurance, can act as a significant barrier for families trying to purchase or refinance a home and can significantly reduce a family’s wealth.

Colau limits the influx of tourists in the center of Barcelona

Colau limits the influx of tourists in the center of Barcelona

Barcelona’s relationship with tourism is almost that of a bad marriage. They are needed but often detested. Not surprisingly, the Catalan capital has been on the podium of the most visited cities in Europe for years, along with Paris and London, but with a significantly smaller population and size. And Ada Colau, as mayor of Barcelona, ​​has been trying for some time, with more or less success, to apply measures that minimize the consequences of tourism in the city. The latest is to sign a manual of good practices with the two official tourist guide associations (AGUICAT and APIT) to limit tourist groups in the Ciutat Vella neighborhoods to 15 people. ANDIn the rest of the city, however, the limitation is set at 30 people. The document also establishes a group limit in certain areas of the district, such as Plaça de Sant Felip Neri or Plaça del Pi, and establishes one-way streets for tourist itineraries.

The reasons why the Apertura 2022 will be the best tournament in the Liga MX Femenil

The reasons why the Apertura 2022 will be the best tournament in the Liga MX Femenil

We present seven reasons why the next contest will be the most spectacular in the Liga MX Femenil.

The new season of Women’s MX League will start on July 8 and Opening 2022 promises to be the best tournament in the history of the competition. ESPN shares with you the reasons why the next Aztec football contest will be spectacular.

Most foreign stars

For him Opening 2022the Women’s MX League decided to increase the number of places for foreign players by allowing clubs to have up to four players on their squads not trained in Mexico. In this way, Aztec soccer fans can dream of the arrival of great stars.

In fact, Pachuca starred in one of the great market bombs by announcing the hiring of Jennifer Beautifullegend of Barcelona being the top scorer in club history with 174 goals. Hermoso is considered one of the best soccer players on the planet and she is expected to bring great joy to the Tuzas fans.

Use of VAR in the Liguilla

At the end of May, Mikel Arriolapresident of the Liga MX, revealed a news that the fans, players and technical directors of the Women’s MX League have been waiting for a long time: the inclusion of the I WAS on the pink circuit.

The I WAS It will be used from the Liguilla and Arriola highlighted the important growth of women’s soccer, so the video arbitration tool will help raise the level of competition. “The women’s league increases its records from one season to the next, these tournaments broke the record for goals, attendance and audience. The owners authorized criteria for the use of VAR in the final phase of the Women’s MX League that VAR will be used for the first time”, revealed Mikel.

New faces on the bench

The growth of Women’s MX League is causing technicians of international stature to want to be part of the Aztec championship and in the Opening 2022 highlight the names of Angel Villacampa, Mila Martinez Y Carmela Moscato.

Villacampa bequeaths the America and his experience as champion of Spain at the head of the Atletico Madrid excites the blue-cream fans. For her part, the Spanish Martínez will train FC Juarez and stands out for having managed a men’s team in Japan while Moscato, of Canadian origin, has coached the Canadian youth teams and reaches tigers after a brief spell at the helm of FC Nordsjælland.

world cup year

In the summer of 2023 the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand and the Mexican team aspires to be one of the participants. El Tri will look for her ticket to the fair in the CONCACAF W Championship which will be held in Monterrey from July 4 to 18.

Y Mexico managed to classify 2023 World CupThe Mexican players will seek to earn a place in the Aztec team with their performances in the Apertura, so the fans are excited about the possibility of enjoying an extraordinary level of football in the Women’s MX League.

Return of media players

Norma Palafox is one of the best known faces of Mexican soccer but the talented soccer player did not meet expectations with Pachuca. However, Norma will have a new opportunity to show again why she is one of the best players in the championship with the Rojinegras del Atlasteam he will defend in the Opening 2022.

For its part, alison gonzalez will seek to become the new star of the Americaclub where he arrived in December 2021 but was unable to debut in Clausura 2022 due to a knee injury.

Chivas promises to improve player salaries

The Sacred Flock was proclaimed champion of the Clausura 2022 by defeating the Gophers from Pachuca. At the end of the commitment, the rojiblanca fans asked the owner of the club, Amaury Vergarato increase the salaries of the soccer players and Vergara reacted positively to the request.

According to Alfredo Olivarez of ESPNBefore the many cries of the fans, Amaury responded in a good way, nodding, confirming that the salary of the players will increase, after he also made the sign with his right hand affirming the request of the fans.

Strong fight for the 2022 Opening title

tigers Y monterrey have proven to be the most powerful clubs in the Women’s MX League for his performances in the regular phase and in the fight for the titles. Nevertheless, Chivas, America Y Pachuca They will seek to demonstrate that they should be considered as protagonists of the championship.

These five clubs promise to offer great duels in the Opening 2022 and an exciting dispute to finish as the best team in Mexico.

Jull e-cigarettes could be withdrawn from the US market.

Jull e-cigarettes could be withdrawn from the US market.

New York (CNN Business) — A report that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could order Juul to remove its products from store shelves has sent shares of Altria plummeting. The cigarette company owns a 35% stake in Juul.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that the FDA could order the e-cigarette maker to recall its products on Wednesday following a years-long review of the brand over concerns that it may have helped fuel the popularity of vaping among minor users. The FDA has yet to formally announce a move, and CNN has not been able to verify the Journal’s report.

An FDA spokesperson told CNN that the agency was unable to provide any information at this time. Juul Labs did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Altria shares fell 8% this Wednesday while the drop this year has been 13%. The company invested $12.8 billion for a 35% stake in Juul in 2018. The deal quickly fell through as concerns about vaping’s health risks mounted, and U.S. regulators pushed to crack down on vaping. electronic cigarettes. Juul was also criticized for selling vape pods in flavors like mango, cream and cucumber that became popular with teens.

In 2019, the company ended sales of its flavored products in the United States. That move came shortly before the FDA banned all vaping flavors except tobacco and menthol in early 2020.

Altria, which sells Marlboro, Virginia Slims and Parliament cigarettes in the United States, announced in 2020 that it took a $4.1 billion charge related to its investment in Juul. The tobacco giant cited “the increasing number of legal cases pending against Juul and the expectation that the number of legal cases against Juul will continue to increase.”

That followed Altria’s announcement in 2019 of a $4.5 billion writedown on its Juul stake. Late last year, Altria said its investment in Juul was worth less than $2 billion.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Juul “could file an appeal through the FDA, challenge the decision in court, or file a revised application for its products.”

This move comes after the Biden administration signaled Tuesday that it will develop a proposed rule to set a maximum level of nicotine in cigarettes and other tobacco products that will essentially reduce their amount in products available in the United States. It’s a step no other administration has taken before and, according to public health experts, would be transformative if enacted.

Although e-cigarette products have been allowed to remain on the market for years, in 2020, the FDA required companies to submit applications to keep the products on the market.

— CNN Health’s Carma Hassan contributed to this report

Write down these COOL gastro address in South America

Conchas y almejas en Sapiens en Lima

We like to talk about gastronomy and travel with the palate. That is why we have made a selection of restaurants and cocktail bars. Some of them in the best lists around the world. A restaurant in Lima, a very special bar in Buenos AiresThey say that Madrid is one of the best gastronomic capitals in the world, but on the other side of the pond there are also interesting things. We flew to South America.

Sapiens, in Lima

One of the Sapiens dishes, in Lima
Photo: Sapiens

Sapiens is Jaime Pesaque’s kitchen of fire. After studying at Cordon Bleu and passing through some of the best kitchens in Europe, such as El Celler de Can Roca, he returned to his native Lima to open his restaurant. After several openings, the latest is Sapiens: «A contemporary Peruvian cuisine restaurant and pisco bar in limePeru, where the traceability of native products is always eagerly sought…» they explain. Many local media claim that this restaurant has been a breath of fresh air within the gastronomy of Lima. Rice dishes, grilled meats… One of the most fashionable restaurants in the capital of Peru and in South America.

Address: Av. Pardo y Aliaga 697, San Isidro (Lima)

One of Sapiens plates
Photo: Sapiens
Jaime Pesaque in Sapiens
Photo: Sapiens

Atlantic Florist, in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Atlantic Florist
Photo: Atlantic Florist
Atlantic Florist
Photo: Atlantic Florist

Florería Atlántico is one of the COOLEST addresses in Buenos Aires because it is one of the best bars in the world. One of those cocktail addresses that you have to take into account if you visit the capital of Argentina. And why is it special? Because this cocktail bar is accessed through the flowers. With his letter you travel around the world, and that is the objective that Tato Giovanni has with his drinks. Travel through your sips without a passport. Open since 2013, Waiters from all over the world migrate to this temple of cocktails in Buenos Aires.

Address: Arroyo 872, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

One of Florería Atlántico's cocktails
Photo: Atlantic Florist
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

Borago, in Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile
Santiago de Chile
One of the Boragó dishes
Photo: Borago

Boragó is one of the best restaurants in the world, and of course, one of the most acclaimed addresses in Santiago de Chile. All thanks to the talent of chef Rodolfo Guzmán, who more than 10 years ago was one of the first to bet on product-based and avant-garde cuisine.. «Our tasting menus collect and combine the best endemic product of the Chilean territory, in permanent evolution throughout the year. Much of the food is cut from untouched land, by collecting communities and small producers throughout Chile, which is why the dishes can vary even during each service,” they explain from the restaurant. The Endemic Menu has between 15 and 18 dishes. And it’s worth it.

Address: Av San Jose María Escrivá de Balaguer, Metropolitan Region, Santiago de Chile.

One of the Boragó dishes
Photo: Borago
One of the Boragó dishes
Photo: Borago
Santiago de Chile
Santiago de Chile

Orchard Craft Cocktail Bar, in Bogotá

Orchard Artisanal Cocktails
Photo: Huerta Artisan Cocktails

For several years it has won the award for best bar and also the award for best liquor bar. For something could not miss in this selection. On the second floor of a house in Quinta Camacho, in Bogotá, is where we find Huerta Coctelería Artesanal. Signature cocktails. And why garden? Because its more than 100 plant spices that exist in this bar are used in each of its cocktails. One of the COOLEST addresses in the capital of Colombia and the last in this South American selection.

Address: Cra. 12a #83-64, Town of Chapinero, Bogotá, (Colombia)

One of the glasses of Huerta Coctelería Artesanal
Photo: Huerta Artisan Cocktails

Peter Weir, Diane Warren, Michael J. Fox and Euzhan Palcy, Honorary Oscars

Peter Weir, Michael J Fox, Diane Warren y Euzhan Palcy

Composer Diane Warren, director Peter Weir and director-screenwriter Euzhan Palcy will receive this year’s honorary Oscars, the Hollywood Academy announced in a statement, also detailing that actor Michael J. Fox will receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. .

Also known as the Hollywood Academy Governors Awards, the honorary Oscars are presented annually in a low-key, non-television event that brings together a few invited guests to celebrate the careers of people who have contributed to the legacy of the seventh art.

Michael J. Fox, suffering from Parkinson’s, will receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award

The 13th edition of the Governors Awards will be held on November 19 in Los Angeles (USA). There, Fox will receive a special award recognizing the humanitarian contributions of leading figures in the world of cinema.

In addition to participating in titles such as “Back to the Future”, “The Secret of My Success”, “Iron Hearts”, “Doc Hollywood” and “The Good Wife”, the actor opened a foundation in the year 200 to investigate the causes and the treatment of Parkinson’s, which has become the main entity of the field.

“Michael J. Fox’s tireless advocacy for Parkinson’s disease research coupled with his boundless optimism exemplifies the impact of one person in changing the future of millions,” David Rubin, the president of the institution, said in a statement. year organizes the Oscars.

Australian director Peter Weir in Sitges in 2018


For their part, the other three awards will go to a composer, a director and a filmmaker. In the case of Warren, the composer has been nominated for an Oscar for best original song thirteen times, the first in 1987, although this will be the first statuette that she manages to take home.

She is the author of songs such as “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now”, “Because You Loved Me”, “How Do I Live”, “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and “Til It Happens To You”; and she has collaborated with the likes of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Carlos Santana and Whitney Houston.

On the other hand, the Australian Weir is responsible for such classics as “Dead Poets Club”, “The Truman Show”, “Mosquito Coast” and “The Year We Lived Dangerously”.


Diane Warren at the Oscars ceremony

Jordan Strauss/AP

Finally, in 1983, writer-director Palcy became the first black person to win the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival with “Sugar Cane Alley,” a low-budget film that also won the César for best debut film.

With “An Arid White Station” (1989), Palcy became the first black woman to direct a film for one of the major Hollywood studios, the MGM factory, with Marlon Brando in the leading role. “The revolutionary importance of her is grounded in the history of cinema,” Rubin said.

Medvedev and Tsitsipas advance in Mallorca, Kyrgios withdraws

Medvedev and Tsitsipas advance in Mallorca, Kyrgios withdraws

PALMA, Spain (AP) — Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas reached the quarterfinals of the Mallorca tournament on Wednesday, while Nick Kyrgios opted to withdraw so as not to aggravate an injury days before Wimbledon.

Medvedev, number one in the world ranking, came from behind to beat his Russian compatriot Aslan Karatsev 4-6, 6-3, 6-2. Tsitsipas of Greece beat Russia’s Ilya Ivashka 6-4, 6-4.

Medvedev will now face Spain’s Roberto Bautista Agut, who advanced after Kyrgios withdrew ahead of their duel with an abdominal ailment.

“I came from playing many demanding games and unfortunately I woke up with pain in my abs. I went to see the tournament doctor immediately and he advised me not to play tonight,” said the Australian, ranked 45. “I highly value the Mallorca tournament but I will comply with his recommendation and I will not put Wimbledon at risk next week.”

Kyrgios took more than two hours to beat Laslo Djere 5-7, 7-6 (1), 7-6 (1) in the previous round of the Wimbledon grass-court tournament.

Kyrgios was one of the great attractions in Mallorca along with Medvedev and Tsitsipas.

Medvedev will not play this year at Wimbledon because the All England Club has banned players from Russia and its ally Belarus over the war in Ukraine. Medvedev has lost two straight finals on grass.

Tsitsipas (seeded 6) will face Marcos Girón, who defeated fellow American Mackenzie McDonald 4-6, 7-6 (5), 6-4.

Also on Wednesday, Argentina’s Sebastián Báez (seeded eighth) succumbed 6-2, 2-6, 6-4 to Germany’s Daniel Altmaier.

all the information, photos and more

all the information, photos and more

The world would be better with more wagons, no matter who it weighs. Par excellence they are the most useful type of vehicle for everyday life, but as the meme would say… “not many are ready for that conversation”. For years fans of bmw m and of the M3/M4 they have requested that a variant be made trolley of these iconic cars, fortunately, for the 50th anniversary of BMW M, that dream came true. That’s how he is BMW M3 Touring.

The difficulties of tourism in finding workers extend to travel agencies

The difficulties of tourism in finding workers extend to travel agencies

Antonio Ramirez Cerezo




Travel agencies are beginning to take off, after two years of a pandemic in which the Spanish have put trips on hold due to health restrictions. The companies in the sector have been the most affected in the tourism sector, to the point of having been the first to benefit from the new ERTE of the Government. But they are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, at least for the summer. The Corporate Association of Specialized Travel Agencies (Acave)presented this Wednesday the results of a survey that shows the path to recovery: more than 60% of the agencies asked predict that it will reach pre-pandemic levels this summer. In fact, 33% expect to beat the record year of 2019.

“The start of Holy Week was much better than expected, but in the last two months the sector has registered an unprecedented recovery that is allowing most travel agencies to definitively leave the risk situation behind,” explains Jordi Martí, President of Acave.

A hopeful development, as is also the fact that 80% of the firms surveyed have already removed all of their workers from the ERTE. However, other threats have reached the sector. Because the difficulties in finding workers that tourism is suffering, also spread to travel agencies. This is stated by 38% of the companies of the 450 that are part of this employer’s association. “There has been a flight of personnel to other sectors, and the demographic pyramid does not help either,” explained Martí, while stressing that the strikes expected for different services this summer could also complicate the work of the agencies.

They are not the only threats that lie in wait for these companies. After a month of May where the booking booms for the summer was also extended to travel agencies, now, however, they are beginning to perceive a slowdown in reservations for the summer season due to increases in hotel prices, in addition to the war in Ukraine. 34.5% of agencies are noticing a drop in reservations due to inflation and 47% say they have noticed that reservations have slowed down while waiting to see how the conflict evolves before contracting the trip. In this sense, the worst stops are those that had an important niche with Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe. The sharp drop in activity due to the Russian invasion means that their forecasts for the end of the year are still between 5 and 15% below 2019 revenues.

last minute reservations

All in all, the agencies hope that this demand, which is still resisting waiting to see how prices evolve and the war, will spill over into last-minute reservations. In fact, this is what a part of the receptive agencies expects. They expect most bookings to be made shortly before the travel date, at most 2-3 weeks in advance. For this segment, the survey identifies a proportion of reserves of 90% international and 10% national, highlighting in order the markets of France, Germany, United Kingdom and Benelux, in addition, although to a lesser extent, from the United States, since long-distance trips continue without recovering.

However, Spain as an issuing market behaves differently. In this case, the long radius is preferred with United States as the most chosen destinationfollowed by the countries of the Middle East. Outside our borders, Spaniards also choose European coasts and islands, European capitals, cruise ships, African countries and safaris. Further away and with less demand than previous years, there are countries in Latin America and the Asian continent, where many travel restrictions still weigh.

As for national destinationsSpaniards who contract their trips through agencies are betting this season in the first place on Balearic Islands, followed by the Canary Islands and destinations on the Mediterranean coasthighlighting especially Catalonia and Andalusia. Below are the Atlantic coasts and rural tourism destinations.

However, there are doubts in the sector as to whether this recovery in demand for the summer is just a mirage and does not continue during the winter season. The warnings about the possibility of this happening are being reiterated among the main agents of the tourism sector. They fear that inflation could have repercussions on the families’ decision to undertake second trips beyond September, as this newspaper has already anticipated.

See them